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Robbie Short.  A bit about me....

I live in Vernon, BC and my parents named me Robbie. As a wee lad, I loved building models and playing with HO train sets. Even in these early years, I enjoyed the detail of painting the tiny embossed Goodyear name onto the dragster tires and the faces of the experienced engineers, who guided the engines through the train tunnels. As I grew older, I learned to play the drums and sat behind the kit in a couple of garage bands. Under the tutelage of my dad, I learned how to play acoustic guitar, in my teens, secretly playing cover tunes of the likes of John Denver, James Taylor and Jim Croce. My long time interest in acoustic guitar playing eventually lead me to the world of bluegrass music where I was exposed to, and experienced, the sound and harmony of an array of fascinating acoustic instruments. Wanting to learn more about these instruments, I followed my passionate interest in how to improve their tones and make them more comfortable to play. That was sixteen years ago now and since that time I have repaired, restored and improved the playability of a myriad of musical instruments in my shop.


My instrument repair workbench has seen dulcimers to banjos, mandolins to cellos, ukuleles to upright basses, violas to autoharps, tenor guitars to double neck electric guitars, vintage Fender Stratocasters to twelve string acoustic guitars, resonator guitars to violins and of course electric to acoustic six string guitars. Some stay for only a few hours while others stay in my shop for a few weeks or longer, depending on the amount of care that they need, before being given the clean bill of health to go back to their owner’s playing hands again.


My interest in being a luthier, specializing in stringed musical instrument repair, restoration and setup, has allowed me to understand how the subtle adjustment to a violin’s sound post can release that instrument’s tone potential, how changing the fingerboard radius and frets of a guitar can make it easier to play, how an intonated saddle can create a harmonic blend of notes and how a rehaired cello bow can make you want to play forever.


My ultimate goal is to have you fall in love with your musical instrument all over again, to feel that excitement just the way you did when you first played it. For some, that can be a lifetime ago and for others, not so long because playing an instrument should be enjoyable and an opportunity to express one’s creativity….. and that’s where I can help make that happen for you.

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